Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Welcome !

Hello !

This is all about sharing professional ideas, substantiated opinions & perspectives abou Marketing or  customer strategy, both from a strategic and implementation perspective..
We address questions that others don't necessarily cover or in a generally un-conventional. un-PC way, and from an integrated mindset: no digital ignorance nor obession here..., digital is only significant in the way that it has radically changed the nature and center of gravity of the relationship between cosnumers & brands...which is BIG but Digital is not an end , the relationship is the KEY & center of gravity of 21st century marketing.
We also believe that the key challenges that marketers face in this decade is all about achieving exceptional, sustainable, individual relevance for the consumer across all touchpoints. with maximum scalability and optimum ROI, from brand promise to enterprise delivery.The brand experience or " brand gap" between what the brand delivers through its organization, day to day retail face to face, online and contact centers... and what the brand promises through its advertising & other brand value proposition is the best starting point for achieving the necessary customer centricity transformation that will keep brands relevant in this new landscape.
Welcome and let's share, debate, argue and grow together !

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